Worst Stains For Your Carpet And How to Remove Them

In this month’s article, we’re going to run through some of the worst stains that can be found on carpets. We’ll offer some of our top tips for how to remove these stubborn stains, as well as how to avoid them from happening in the first place. Gum If chewing gum gets stuck on carpet, […]

Health Benefits of Professional Carpet Cleaning

Most of us vacuum our carpets on a fairly regular basis, however, many people do it purely as part of their household cleaning routine but never really give it much thought as to why it is we actually need to clean our carpets. Some of us do it to increase the longevity of the carpet, […]

Stain Removal Tips for Carpets

Regardless of how many rules you might have in your house; no drinks or food in the living room, always take your shoes off etc. those nasty, stubborn stains will somehow always work their way on to your beloved carpet –especially if it’s cream! – and they will prove super tough to remove. But Scott […]