Which Buildings Can Reach & Wash Actually Clean? [Infographic]

Which Buildings Can Reach & Wash Actually Clean?

Window cleaning is an essential service required by many businesses and homeowners alike. But with window cleaning comes the occupational hazard of working at such dangerous heights. However for many years this has been overlooked, but with employee safety now at the forefront of many employers minds, it raises the concern that everybody has the right to work safely.

Windows up to 65 ft High

Reach & Wash systems consist of one telescopic pole that can reach a height of up to 65 ft. At the end of the pole is a soft bristled brush that jets out pure water, allowing you to tackle any stubborn marks; rinsing and cleaning your windows efficiency.

Workplace Safety

Not only does this new technology make life much easier, as we can now reach those awkward – and often dangerous – to reach areas that often get left out, but it also makes our jobs far safer as we work from the safety of the ground. We can get the job done much quicker than the traditional method (armed with a ladder, bucket of water and cloth) and can achieve a quality clean too. Affiliated with the Ladders Free scheme, we proudly employ the Reach & Wash system here at Scott & Sons, and have highlighted the types of buildings it can be used for so you can clearly see the advantages of using this clever window cleaning system!