Dangers of an Unclean Workplace

It’s easy to forget about microscopic particles such as germs and bacteria that are around us, and sometimes, it’s probably for the best that we do. However, because these organisms aren’t visible to the naked eye, when left to spread they can turn a room or office into a thriving hotbed of unwelcome guests. That’s […]

Coronavirus: Do You Need to Disinfect Your Home?

COVID-19 is a ribonucleic acid virus which means it has proteins and lipids in its structure, so you can use liquid washing up soaps to dissolve and inactivate the virus. However, for disinfection, use solutions with 70% alcohol to be extra sure, check the back of the cleaning product you choose to ensure it says […]

8 Cleaning Hacks You Wish You Knew Sooner

Sometimes spills, stains and smells can surface at just the wrong time. Maybe you’ve had a surprise visit and want to do some last-minute cleaning. Don’t worry — many messes can be cleaned using everyday household items. This article is going to teach you some of the best cleaning hacks that you wish you’d known […]

How to Clean Stained Glass Windows

One of the most beautiful and revered forms of window glass, stained glass has existed since the 4th century and continues to be made to this day. Today,  most stained glass is created for city architecture, but some people still choose to have stained glass windows in their home.  If you have purchased a property […]

5 Tips for a Clutter-Free Classroom

Managing a classroom is hard work when you’ve got students making a mess five days a week, but maintaining a clutter-free classroom will have an incredible impact on your teaching methods and your children’s behaviour. Clean classrooms have been proven to promote healthy habits in young children, reduce absences, and help retain good teachers. We’ve […]

How to Dispose of a Vacuum Cleaner? Fix, Recycle or Dispose?

  Vacuum cleaners are a must-have in households today, with over 5 million vacuums being sold in the UK every year. But no matter how well you look after your vacuum cleaner, over time they will deteriorate in quality, leaving you no choice but to usher in a replacement. Whilst you unpack your brand new […]

Where are the Germiest Areas of the Office?

Most of us take the time and effort to ensure our homes are clean and tidy but never think about the cleanliness of somewhere we spend 40 hours a week working at. Staff in an office often let cleanliness slide due to other work responsibilities, which gives way to an increase in germs, but there […]

How Thorough Cleaning Can Help Allergies

Dealing with allergies is never a pleasant experience for anyone. Allergies can be triggered for a variety of reasons and it can be hard for you to know what your triggers are. But letting your house become cluttered and dirty won’t do you any favours. One of the best ways to reduce allergy triggers is […]

End of Office Tenancy Guide

Coming to the end of a tenancy can be quite daunting. You know that there are things to be done before you finally hand in the keys. To make things a little easier for you throughout the process, we have compiled a list of things you should check and keep an eye out for before […]

Craft Time Clean Up: How to Tidy up After Kids

Never ending glitter Glitter: the craft-time gift that keeps on giving. It’s a sparkly, never-ending ordeal to clean up every single shiny speck. Vacuuming alone won’t banish the glitter explosion from your house, so instead, use a lint roller or heavy-duty masking tape to lift it all away. If however, your vacuum cleaner isn’t working […]