Coronavirus Cleans

Here at Scott & Sons, we have taken the necessary precautions to ensure the risk of contracting coronavirus is minimised for both staff and customers. If you need to discuss your cleaning requirements during this period of uncertainty, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of our team.

We also provide a deep cleaning service that ensures all areas of your premises are completely disinfected. We have a good stock of antibacterial products available, and although some might be – or will soon be – in short supply, we aim to fulfil your requirements by any means possible.

If you’ve had a confirmed case of COVID-19 (coronavirus) in your building, we recommend our deep cleaning service to ensure all surfaces in your building are completely disinfected and no one who enters the building will be at risk of contracting the virus.

We appreciate you continuing to support our business by maintaining payment terms throughout this difficult time, as we need our cash flow to support our employees and their families. However, we understand that you might not be able to make your payment, so please let us know immediately if this is the case.

For the duration of this unprecedented time, our team is always on hand to help and will reply to any queries swiftly to ensure we can transition back to normality when the time arises.

Kind regards,

The team at Scott & Sons