Office Window Cleaning Checklist

In any office, it’s a safe bet to assume its windows make up a significant portion of its facade, both interior and exterior. Therefore, it pays to keep your windows in a crisp, pristine condition to ensure your company always gives the right impression!

But how to keep your windows looking their very best? The simple answer is to hire a professional cleaning service; with Scott & Sons Ltd you can rest assured that your windows will be expertly cleaned, every time. Here, you can find a window cleaning checklist which shows where we would focus when cleaning your office’s windows.

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The windowsills in your office are havens for dust. Not only are these areas large and flat, they also bask in the sunlight, ultimately ensuring large amounts of dust can gather and will be highly visible. Dusting these areas regularly, using polish and a microfibre cloth, keeps the dirt at bay! A feather duster or vacuum, depending on the types of blinds you have, should also be used to dust your blinds.

Office window cleaning checklist

Cleaning Inside

Keeping the internal face of your windows clean is essential for ensuring natural light can stream unimpeded into your office. Just one benefit of doing so involves improvements to employee health. Simply take a sponge and bucket of water to the window, scrub away any initial dirt, then mop up excess water. Apply a cleaning agent to the window then buffer the window until sparkly clean.

Office window cleaning checklist

Cleaning Outside

Dealing with grubby fingerprints internally is one thing, but can you clean the outside, too? Where the general public is concerned, the outside of your company is all they’ll see, so make sure to make a good impression by having your windows professionally cleaned with Scott & Sons Ltd! We have the equipment and skills needed to clean your windows no matter how high they are.

If your windows are looking a little worse for wear, not to worry: Scott & Sons Ltd are here to help! With our commercial window cleaning service, you’ll never have to fret about having dirty windows again. Contact our friendly team today to find out more!