Office Toilet Cleaning Checklist

Ensuring that your office meets only the highest standards of hygiene is essential to success. A hygienic, clean and tidy office environment will promote productivity as well as your company image to clients.

That said, it is therefore of paramount importance that your toilets are pristine. Follow our toilet cleaning checklist to make sure your toilets are being cleaned thoroughly and on a regular basis!

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The floors in your office’s restroom should be mopped daily. Accidental spills on the floor are a given, but leaving them untended could cause pungent smells. Mopping the floor is the best way to eliminate this issue.

Office Corridor / Walkways Cleaning Checklist

Sanitise Surfaces

Any and all surfaces in your office toilets should be sanitised on a daily basis. A pair of rubber gloves, a cloth and antibacterial spray are crucial in this regard. Use the cloth to wipe down all surfaces, including around sinks, door handles, toilet flushes and cisterns.

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Empty Bins

You should also make sure that you empty all bins in your office toilets. These should be emptied daily to achieve the most hygienic environment possible.

Office toilet cleaning checklist

Unblock Your Drains

Don a pair of rubber gloves and set to work unblocking your sink and urinal drains with suitable cleaning products as well as the toilets. Regularly doing so will help ensure that your drains and pipework are far less likely to become blocked.

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Use the Toilet Brush

Remember to clean the toilets (and urinals) thoroughly, applying the cleaning agent all along under the lip of the bowl to allow it to clean the entire toilet bowl. Leave it for a few minutes, then return with a toilet brush – scrub at any particularly stubborn stains to restore your toilets to an excellent standard. Using a damp, hot cloth, it is worthwhile doing the same for your sinks.

Keeping on top of your office bathroom area and ensuring it’s always clean and tidy can be a hard ask of a busy company. That’s why it’s absolutely essential that you hire a professional cleaning service to help! Scott & Sons Ltd serve clients throughout Hertfordshire; contact us today to find out how we can tailor our commercial cleaning services to your needs.