Office Kitchen Cleaning Checklist

Throughout the day, your office kitchen will see heavy traffic, be it for lunch or a coffee break and everything in between. Clearly, it’s extremely easy for mess to accrue in your office kitchen, and the fact that it can become peppered with perishables and moisture does nothing to help the situation.

A messy kitchen can spread illness, emit pungent smells and even, in the worst cases, attract vermin. However, you can use our office kitchen cleaning checklist to ensure your office never has to deal with these issues! Be sure to contact Scott & Sons Ltd for the best commercial cleaning service in the St Albans area.

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With so many people storing food in the office fridge, vigilance is key to ensuring food doesn’t go rotten if people forget about it. The fridges should also be cleaned regularly with antibacterial agents to keep them as hygienic as possible.

Office Kitchen Sink

Sink Area

The sink area is the most moist in the kitchen and therefore the best place for bacteria to grow. Everyday, this area needs to be cleaned with antibacterial spray, wiped down and dried off. Suitable cleaning product should also be poured down the drain to dislodge any food that has become stuck there throughout the day.

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Empty Bins

First, you should consider installing a recycling bin (if there isn’t one already) to make your office kitchen as green as possible. All bins should be emptied at the end of every working day to avoid attracting vermin and to eliminate smells in the kitchen.

Office Corridor / Walkways Cleaning Checklist

Wipe All Surfaces

Antibacterial spray should be used on all surfaces in your kitchen area at the end of the day. In doing so, you’ll clear up any crumbs, spills and halt the spread of bacteria and infection in your office!

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Most office kitchens have a lino, hardwood or tiled floor to help deal easily with spills. Mopping this floor everyday is essential to maintaining office kitchen cleanliness. Use hot water, cleaning solution, and don’t forget the corners and under the overarching door of your fridge!

office kitchen cleaning checklist

Coffee Machine

In all likelihood, your office coffee machine sees some heavy use throughout the day! Remember to clean it out if it doesn’t have an autoclean function, and to empty its waste coffee, water and runoff.

office kitchen cleaning checklist


The dishwasher should be filled and turned on everyday to ensure all pots are cleaned and aren’t left out to fester overnight, or longer! On a regular basis, the filter in the dishwasher drain should be emptied to ensure your dishwasher doesn’t smell or lose its ability to clean dishes.

All in all, keeping your office kitchen clean and tidy is essential for promoting health, productivity and a great company image. To keep your kitchen spotless, Scott & Sons Ltd are here to help with our premier commercial cleaning service throughout Hertfordshire. Simply contact us today to find out more!