Office Desk Cleaning Checklist

Seeing as your employees spend most of their day sat at their desks, it’s no surprise that desk areas can become some of the most untidy and dirtiest places in the office. Failure to clean your desk areas often can result in lower productivity, a damaged company image and even illness.

But keeping your desk area clean is easy to accomplish! Simply follow our office desk cleaning checklist below to keep your desk tidy all year round.

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Regardless of whether your employees eat at their desks or not, the floor spanning your desk area will become mucky throughout the working day. Vacuuming it daily keeps it in the best possible aesthetic condition and reduces health risks from dust and bacteria.

Office Corridor / Walkways Cleaning Checklist

Professional Floor Cleans

Vacuuming alone cannot keep your office floor looking good as new; instead, you’ll need to hire the professionals for a deep floor clean. Scott & Sons Ltd offer exceptional commercial floor cleaning services, wherein we can carpet clean and power scrub your floor.

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Fighting back the layers of dust in your office can seem like an endless battle, but it is a crucial one! Dust can adversely affect your staff, wreaking havoc for asthmatics and making the likelihood of cold transmission ever greater. Particular focus should be given to the tops of computer monitors and phones. Simply polish and dust all surfaces in your desk area regularly – it’ll look good to clients, too!

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Empty Bins

At the end of the day, be sure to empty all bins in your desk area! You should have two bins: one for general waste and one for recycling; both should be emptied at the end of the day. This prevents smells and keeps your office tidy.

office desk cleaning checklist

Antibacterial Spray

If your employees eat their lunch at their desk, encourage them to use antibacterial wipes and spray to clean down their desk after eating. A horde of germs will colonise desks after food is eaten at it, feasting on any crumbs or spills that sputtered onto the surface. Wiping it down will stop germs gaining a foothold and kill off any already present.

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Tidy Your Desks

Desks cover the majority of your office, so it goes almost without saying that one of the major things your clients will see and garner their first impressions from will be the state of your desks. If the desks are messy, what does that say about your company? Keep desk tidies handy to store pens, files and the like, and always promote adept organisation skills among your staff!

At Scott & Sons Ltd, we understand that keeping your office spick and span is difficult to juggle against your daily duties. However, we also understand how necessary it is to always keep it clean! We’re on hand to help clean commercial premises throughout Hertfordshire; contact us today to discuss cleaning for your company!