Office Corridor / Walkways Cleaning Checklist

Corridors in your office are one of the most frequented areas on the premises. As such, they can become extremely dirty in no time at all if you fail to clean them regularly.

To keep your office corridors and walkways in the best possible condition at all times, simply follow our checklist below to see what areas need to be cleaned professionally on a daily basis.

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One of the most efficient ways to keep your corridor clean and tidy is to vacuum it daily. Any upholstered furniture situated here should also be vacuumed periodically to ensure it doesn’t collect too much dust, becoming discoloured and a risk for asthmatics.

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If you have a hard floor surface, be it hardwood, lino or tiled, you should mop the floor daily. Doing so will keep your floors pristine, free of unsightly foot prints and smudges.

Office Corridor / Walkways Cleaning Checklist

Professional Floor Cleans

But vacuuming and mopping alone can’t keep your carpets, hardwood or tiled floors clean forever. Eventually, to restore your flooring to their initial grand shine, you’ll need a professional, deep floor clean. Scott & Sons Ltd offer a comprehensive commercial power scrubbing, carpet cleaning and floor maintenance service to fully restore your floor.

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To evoke great impressions in any visitors to your office, the skirting boards in your corridors should also be dusted regularly. Attentiveness in this regard will show your company takes pride in every detail of its work!

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Clean Door Handles

Any door handles in your office must be wiped down daily. Because high numbers of people will touch the door handles everyday, cleaning them daily is necessary to help stop the spread of germs.

For a bespoke commercial cleaning service in the Hertfordshire area, look no further than Scott & Sons Ltd. We are the premier cleaning company in the region, ready to help ensure your office is always on its best form! Contact us today to find out more.