Classroom Cleaning Checklist

For healthy students, you need a healthy classroom environment. With students and staff spending all day inside the classroom, it can be easy for germs and bacteria to spread, and for the dirt and dust to quickly accumulate; creating an environment rife with the potential for sickness.

To keep your classroom spick and span – and your students focused on their work and not on those muddy footprints all over the floor – follow our handy Classroom Cleaning Checklist here for some of the key areas that need to be cleaned professionally every day.

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If your classroom is home to upholstered furnishings or rugs, it’s a good idea to vacuum these regularly to keep dust at bay. Rugs and soft furnishings can easily trap dust and trigger asthma or allergic reactions so a regular hoovering schedule is essential for everyone in the room.

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Mop floors

Any teacher will know all too well how dirty their classroom floor can get over the course of a day. From muddy footprints trodden in from lunch on the playground, to dropped pencil shavings and debris; at the end of the day, the floor definitely needs a good cleaning to mop up any dirt and dust!

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Tidy your desks

In the office, one of the most likely areas to host an array of bacteria and germs is your desk, and student’s’ desks are no different! From simply sharing pens and leaning on their desk all day, to those who eat their lunch at their desk, this is one area that needs a thorough wipe-down with antibacterial cleaner to keep any lurking germs at bay.

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Empty bins

To keep your classroom looking tidy and free from any nasty odours, the waste baskets should be emptied everyday. Think about installing recycling bins in your classroom for any paper waste for a greener approach for your school.

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Wipe down door knobs

Prevent the spread of bacteria by making sure doors, door knobs, window latches and light switches are all wiped down with antibacterial cleaner. Areas like this can quickly become covered in bacteria, so a quick clean will keep them free from harmful germs.

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Give your shelves, filing cabinets, and electronic equipment a thorough clean to ensure these are all kept in the best condition. As dust can often build up in these areas, we recommend using microfiber cloths and will colour code ours to keep organised with cleaning jobs of this nature.

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With many children using the fridges to store their lunch, it’s inevitable that unfortunate spillages can occur. Make sure fridges are cleaned out with antibacterial cleaner at the end of everyday!

Sink & kitchen area

The kitchen and sink areas should be free from food or drink, and any damp items should be hung out to dry to avoid nasty odours!

Some cleaning tasks should be left to the professionals, ensuring a hygienic environment and allowing teachers to save their time and focus on their lessons. At Scott & Sons, we offer a range of school cleaning services to the Hertfordshire area. Just get in touch with us today to find out more!

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