Case Studies

Here you can browse some examples of previous cleaning projects that we have undertaken for our customers.

Window Cleaning - Retirement Village

By investing in state-of-the-art Ionic Systems and FaceLift Cleaning Systems equipment, Scott & Sons Ltd can provide superior window cleaning for households and businesses in the local area. When we think back to how we used to clean windows in the bad old days – picture a ladder and bucket – you can see things have vastly improved.

We have also invested in the most up-to-date purification system for our water, so you can rest assured that we will be cleaning your windows with the purest water possible. This allows a better quality clean without streaks and spots.

A specific case that benefits from our new technology is a large retirement village which is a repeat customer of ours. We used to clean the windows across the premises using a squeegee and applicator on long ladders. This would initially do a good job but, when the rain hits it, the residue from traditional window cleaning runs down the windows and can make them look grubby quicker.

We now clean this site with our pure water system and new Ionic Systems Reach & Wash equipment, as well as scrubbing all framework and windowsills. This method is more efficient, produces better results, and leaves windows shiny and clean for longer. I am proud to say that after our last site visit all windows were sparkling, demonstrating the high standards of Reach & Wash window cleaning carried out by Scott & Sons.

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Swimming Pool Cleaning - Roe Green Primary School

The shower heads had not been descaled in a very long time. Basically, you could hit them with a hammer or use a very strong acid-based product to break off the limescale! So we decided to use lambs wool applicator on the shower heads, Nu Supreme on the shower walls and Nu Bioscrub on the shower taps.

At first we saw no sign of any results, then after we kept applying for 30 mins, we were astonished by what we saw. The limescale went almost into a putty, leaving a fantastic result with things looking as good as new!

We used a scrubbing machine with Nu Bioscrub 1- 5 to mop the floor and left it for 10 minutes for the same instant results.

We used Nu Kleen Smell applied with a lambs wool applicator again to clean around the poolside tiled area and the surrounding poolside walls. We left it for 10 minutes dwell time, then using a microfibre cloth, buffed it up for great results.

  • It was demonstrated how to angle the pouring spout for IN1, Nu-Supreme or Nu-Bioscrub as applicable.
  • It was noted that IN2/ IN2 Concentrate/ Nu-Bioscrub will cause damage to marble, soft stone and other calcareous surfaces.
  • It was highlighted that the over dilution of IN3, IN5, IN6, IN8, Nu-Kleen Smell, Nu-Grip + and Nu-Action 3 as applicable will cause sticky floor or smearing of surfaces.
  • It was highlighted that the over dilution of IN3, IN5, IN6, IN8, Nu-Kleen Smell, Nu-Grip + and Nu-Action 3 can dull shiny porcelain or similar floors, in which case IN4C, IN7C or Nu-Kleen All can be used.
  • It was confirmed that all the products are to be mixed with cold/ warm water only and that hot water would destroy all product performance
  • It was noted that all products work best when given 5 minutes dwell time on a surface, particularly when heavily soiled.
  • It was confirmed that wall charts were present and placed correctly onsite, in an area visible to all cleaning operatives
  • It was noted that if there is a build-up of scale using only Nu-Bioscrub that Nu-Supreme would be needed for periodic descaling.

The trial went excellent to say the least, with outstanding results! On first impressions of the shower taps and heads, it looked like we would have to try something stronger than Nu Supreme. However, what I have learnt is if you keep applying Nu Supreme, pushing it into the limescale for about 30 minutes, it will turn limescale into almost a putty.

This exercise has been a great learning session for both Guy and myself, and we both feel confident in cleaning swimming pools giving effective cleaning results and creating a safer environment.

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Vacuum Cleaning - National Trust

About 20 years ago, while he ran his own Vac Doctor business, Graham was approached by a member of the National Trust to see if he could advise on very low suction cleaners to be used on valuable tapestries, rare books and many other historic items of value.

None of the major vacuum cleaner manufacturers worldwide had an inclination to help, so Graham built a prototype which the Trust evaluated for some months, before producing a critical report of all the things they did not like.

All of these things were resolved and an old design by the Electrolux Commercial division (now Nilfisk) was selected as the basis of a production machine that could be economically converted.

The electronics allow for low and controllable suction, and a break away cable is used to stop the operator being pulled off scaffolding or a ladder.

Scott and Sons now supply the resulting Ergoclean system that was developed for the National Trust. Today many of the Trust’s properties have and use these machines, and Graham’s modified design has variable suction in order not to damage tapestry, valuable rugs & carpets. Without Graham’s design, many items would be damaged in the stately homes.

The adaptation of Ergoclean vacuums is described in the National Trust Manual of Housekeeping (National Trust, 2011)

Helen Lloyd, National Specialists Consultancy Manager (London):

“We have been working with Graham and the Scott and Sons team now for many years and we recommend their cleaning system to all National Trust properties to help maintain them and maintain the balance between traditional & modern cleaning techniques.”

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Window Cleaning - Guinea Fowl Creative Stevenage Herts

Window Cleaning can be intrusive, interruptive & a disconcerting experience for someone at their office desk or at home, however this was not the case with Scott & Sons Limited, who responded to an Urgent call made at short notice with quiet efficiency.

The specialist window cleaner undertook the job with courteous consideration and professional proficiency and included removing years of dirt and grime from the external window ledges so we could welcome an overseas family to stay. The experience with Scott & Sons made us convinced that we would never need to consider any other service providers in the future, as they would not match the customer service in this way.

Changing Views, Redbourn, Hertfordshire

The property has period style windows and the owner was concerned that the render could be damaged or chipped with a ladder placed against the wall to reach the windows. Upon contacting Scott and Sons, they made us aware of their ‘Reach & Wash’ system, which negates the need for ladders! We had clean windows with no streaks, and a perfect solution at a very competitive price. We are now regular clients and have absolutely no hesitation in recommending to friends and family.

– Debbie Sutherland

Carpet Cleaning - Private Residential Work. Harpenden Rd, St Albans.

The client had a very light-coloured staircase carpet, and after less than a year had passed before it was looking grubby and stained. Scott and Sons were contacted, and after coming out to survey the carpet, recommended a clean and reproof on the carpet. Gary from Scott and Sons turned up promptly as arranged, and would not even accept a tea or coffee. He worked solidly and meticulously, and the result was absolutely first class. The carpet looked as good as new; moreover the price was most competitive.

As a result I have been very happy to recommend Scott and Sons’ carpet cleaning service to all of my friends and acquaintances.

– David Haynes

Barnside Retirement Community, Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire

We have had the best cleaning job I have ever seen at our complex.

Our cleaner is very thorough and after Scott & Sons had cleaned, the place looks and smells beautiful.

We are very pleased and want to keep the same cleaning staff forever – we wanted to let Scott & Sons know how happy we are with the service.

– Karen