Carpet Cleaning Services

Choosing the perfect carpet is important – it needs to fit in with the interior design of your property, and quite literally fit in the room itself. With a wide variety of carpets available, there are a number of different methods of care that are recommended for the different materials and types of carpet that are used. At Scott & Sons, we provide our carpet cleaning services in many areas including St Albans, Watford and Hemel Hempstead.

Keeps your carpet in good condition for longer

A cleaner carpet is also a longer-lasting carpet. When a carpet is dirty, that dirt becomes embedded in the fibres of the carpet, which will cause the material to deteriorate and shorten your carpet’s lifespan. A professional carpet clean will eliminate these embedded irritants and extend the floor’s useful life. 

Cleaning your carpet can be tricky, especially if it has accumulated a lot of dirt over time. The professionals at Scott & Sons Ltd possess all the necessary skills and equipment to restore your carpet to pristine condition, helping to breathe life into the interior of your property as well as increasing the hygiene around it by eliminating parasites such as dust mites.

  • Over 40 years’ experience
  • We can restore your carpet
  • All of our operators are trained & insured
  • We use the biocidal sanitising product Prochem-Clensan in water, effective against viruses and bacteria
  • Specialised odour remover

Please note, our team will pre-treat and make every effort to remove any stains on the carpet that we are made aware of in advance. However, we cannot guarantee 100% removal of stains as this is dependent on how old they are, what has caused the stain and indeed any prior effort to try to remove them.